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Citizen Of Beautiful But Frustrating India. Liberal In Spirit. Radical In Thought. Curious. Creative. Animal Lover. Traveller…….

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  1. Wg Cdr Ravi Mani

    Dear Ms Nandini Bahri Dhanda
    You have hit all the nails on their heads in one comprehensive, succinctly written blog. If our PM means well for the Nation, all he needs to do is read just this one piece, before changing his stance re the Armed Forces and the Veterans by placing the Nation’s future before his re-election and his party.

    While written from the heart, your blog is not short on facts-the most important being that it is time the BABU is shown the door. It is still not too late to retrieve the situation and recognise that if the morale of the Veterans and that of the Services is affected, DOOM is certain for Mother India.

    Wg Cdr Ravi Mani

    1. NBD Post author

      I’m sorry to have missed your comment on my blog. Thank you.
      But as we see a whole year later – there is much to be done in the perception battle at least.

  2. S K Modi

    A work in progress? There should be limits to ambition … or naivete. Though must say still appear to be in full bloom.

  3. Manjula

    Ma’am, ref. the background picture in your twitter page, could you let me know where the location of the Jatayu statue on top of a hill is ? I can be reached on manjulakavi91-at-gmail-dot-com . Thanks in anticipation of your response. Regards. Manjula.


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