Can You Hear Our Dissent, MiLords?

~Every minute that a person is spending in custody is a matter of concern~

Yes Milords, we hear your concern for the treacherous, for those who plot against the State, the assassination of a Prime Minister.


What the common man hears the Judiciary say~

Yakub Abdul Razak Memon though you had been convicted by the Supreme Court in the 1993 Bombay Blasts in which over 3000 people were killed & several mercy petitions pleading for your life were rejected we still opened our doors for your lawyers at midnight. For the common man of course our timings & vacations remain sacrosanct ~

What the common man hears the Judiciary say~
Salman Khan it’s not your fault that those people were sleeping on the pavement. When a man has a drink or many – it happens ~

What the common man hears the Judiciary say~
We understand Salman Khan that the Black Buck serve no purpose. A star like you needs that kick of instant gratification. So its okay~

What the common man hears the Judiciary say~
How would you Mr Ansal, know that your generators weren’t maintained & could cause a fire? How would you know that your staff was untrained for an emergency & they would run away locking people up in a burning cinema hall ?
Don’t worry we’ll take so long to deliver justice that you will be old & hopefully ailing by then.
On the bodies of all those children, grandparents, mothers & fathers we’ll declare you too aged to be imprisoned~

What the common man hears the Judiciary say ~
Your parents were such good people Sanjay Dutt & Congress MPs too. We understand that you were feeling very insecure so on the instructions of a Don you kept a load of AK47s at your home. It’s understandable. We’ll have to send you to jail but not to worry we’ll see that you are out on bail most of the time~

Meanwhile we also learnt that the MiLords were deaf to Col Purohit’s screams emanating from the torture chambers. They didn’t care that even in eight years a charge-sheet hadn’t been filed.

Meanwhile we also learnt that the MiLords were blind to the fact that cancer was eating into Sadhvi Pragya. They didn’t care that even in eight years that a charge-sheet hadn’t been filed.

What the common man hears the Judiciary say ~
Lalujee what were you thinking stealing from cattle ? Please stop with those rustic jokes because we are in splits.
We see you have made full use of your stint as Railway Minister. Thankfully, you have a dozen kids so one way or the other we’ll see that you’re out for a wedding, grandchild’s birth or a mundan & in between at hospitals ~

What the common man hears the Judiciary say ~
Come Rohinyas, come. We know you are a security risk to this country but we care little for our fellow Indians~

What the common man sees the Judiciary do –
Between their summer & winter break they decide the height of Dahi Handi pyramids or ban crackers for Diwali. Give bail, after bail & delay the cases of Chidambaram, his equally crooked spawn, Tharoor & the Gandhi Mafia…

With the the most whimsical & skittish reasoning ignore –
1984 Sikh Pogrom convictions,
the plight of Kashmiri Pandits,
Ram Janambhoomi, the holiest place for a billion Hindus,
Article 35A…
& the thousands & thousands of forgotten under-trials who rot in our jails for years ….



Can you hear us, MiLords ? Can you hear our #Dissent ?


~The silence & the ineffectiveness of the voice of justice when it mattered most has made it possible for evil to triumph~

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8 thoughts on “Can You Hear Our Dissent, MiLords?

  1. Bharath Gopu

    Very well written and pertinent points raised. Must read for every Indian who has some trust left in the judiciary. If silence is going to be our response then soon we may may be left with nothing about.

  2. Satish Bahri

    NO! To be fair in our judgements we have earplugs to keep the voice of the bleating public out. But if someone shakes our hand in friendship(!), promises us some goodies or threatens to expose us we take out the earplugs and give them a hearing. After all we haven’t descended from heaven and are humans like everyone else!

  3. Manjunath

    Powerful stuff and humbling! If this does not make the judiciary to wake up and do the right thing in the right spirit nothing else will. Thank you, Nandini.


    It seems that Higher Judiciary is always influenced by high profile persons and even courts are opened midnight and get relief whereas common man has to run from pillar to post for getting justice and have to wait for years together to get justice. This is unfair, injustice meted out to common man who is really a suffere and lose all his hopes. Justice delayed is justice denied. Judiciary should treat everyone equally. God help our judiciary.


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