“The First Step On The Way To Victory Is To Recognise Your Opponent…..”

Put aside for a brief moment the wave of OROP that has swept the country.
Put aside the lessons learnt about how little your country men actually know about the Armed Forces.
Do not not dwell on what was promised & that which was eventually offered.

Cast aside the pain of how you were talked down to by people who know nothing about your lives & you. Easy with keyboards clicking ‘respect’ & ‘disrespect’ one day to the the next. Snug safe & smug with limited information.
What hope of understanding from people who do not even know that successive governments over six decades have fought disabled soldiers in court ?!

Don’t waste your time explaining how the Babu has appropriated Rs.22000 crores AND it is reviewed EVERY year too. The tax paying citizen not being any the wiser…..
Those who grudge your medical facilities don’t know they have been paying for the Babu’s Sloan Kettering & other such like medical centres bills for years.

Ignore the accusation that you are being unreasonable & demanding – when all you are asking for is a restoration of your rights…..

Why not use this rage that has overwhelmed you ?
The realisation that offering your life is just not good enough for them.
( Remember you get ‘free’ rum )
Take a deep breath & focus on the goal ahead. And work on how it is to be achieved.
Identify the road block & how you are going to overcome it.

What brought about the degradation & de scaling of your service conditions right after a victorious war?
Who brought it about ?
Who benefited over the years from your slide ?
Who is in control of your lives that are willingly sacrificed – no modern equipment not adequate
clothing but expected to fight a 21st Century war in hostile terrains ? The Babu delays- bargains & scouts for every piece of silver in commission of armaments & equipment unmindful of lives lost & soldiers maimed meanwhile.

Who stays when politicians come & politicians go ?
No matter which way you look at it.
Your answer will be the Babu.

So Veterans using football parlance.

Mark Your Man.
* marking is an organized defensive strategy which aims to prevent a member of the opposing team (usually a striker) from taking control of the ball. Several marking strategies exist in football, and they mostly differ to each other according to duties assigned to defenders, positioning and off-the-ball style *

No matter where you live – City Town Village. Mark your Man.
Keep one Babu in your cross hair.
Check his history. Check his reputation. Check his credentials.
And if he is like most of his breed ….Work towards proving his crimes naming him & shaming him.
Behind every scam of mind boggling numbers is our Babu.
He shows the way – he sniffs the opportunity & facilitates the process for the politician.

It’s about time you called his bluff & exposed him.
If those who have fed on the fat of the land can surreptitiously & quietly take what is a brave &
honest man’s right – why should you let him get away ?
Why should he speak with his forked tongue for you ?
If you can be ordered to fight & shed blood why do your political masters find it below them to speak to you directly ? And why aren’t you on those committees that decide your lives & working conditions ?

Make the Babu work for his living. Like you do for yours.
For a highly professional lean & fit military you are put through the paces – whereas you know competent or incompetent the Babu can only go up.
So help remove a leech from the system. A termite that’s hollowing the core.

Mark Your Man.
If OROP is not given to you why should it be to him ?
Mark your Man.

Why must the funds for OROP be taken from the silent & helpless ? Why does the PM feels he has to snatch from the poor to give it you ? Why not stop instead the loot of the Babu ? Take it from his carefully nurtured money draining turfs. From Air India – failed PSU’s or if push comes to shove check their box beds !

This is not a war with Pakistan or China.
This is a war with the enemy within. The Babu.
Your last assignment again in the service of the Nation.
Expose only one lakh of them & you’ll have OROP many many times over !
Mark Your Man.

Meanwhile re strategise your OROP demand. Don’t back off or another forty years will be lost.
Agitate when necessary. Negotiate where you can.

Mark Your Man.
The serving soldier will remember you for ripping off the mask off the enemy at home who plots while his back is turned.

And if you can – convey to the political class a simple message.
Pay heed.
Read what is put before you. Check. Double check what is being done in your name.
Remember you stand for elections.The Babu only laughs all the way to the Bank.

Mark Your Man.

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127 thoughts on ““The First Step On The Way To Victory Is To Recognise Your Opponent…..”

    1. Rajinder

      Excellent .We need to mark each babu. No babu ever faces the ‘music’ no matter what the scam. He is the rat that is whittling away at the innards of the Nation.

    2. Sqn ldr sn datt

      A to the point write up with a clear call for the first principle of war… Selection and maintenance of aim..
      I fully agree do target your man.
      However do pause and think why did our top brass not only remained silent spectators but actually willingly succumbed to the Babus.
      Even today why our chiefs do not have the moral courage to stand up for the men they command.
      Why cant they resign if they cant get done what the government committed for the veterans. All of them are prospective veterans. Is it because they are insulated and are already at apex scale.

      Sqn ldr sn datt retd

  1. Vice Admiral Subhash C Chopra

    Bravo -I have always chastised myself for not having the words or the writing skill to put across an idea with such clarity.May I have your permission to send this to Times Of India who published a piece by Chetan Bhagat one of our bright young authors and public commentator. He gives his version of “Army is Good but Politician is Bad”. To be fair he means the Babu but our politicians are so much in awe of this beast that they will accept anything they say as gospel truth and put it across as their own views. Greater is the pity.

    1. NBD Post author

      Thank you. Much appreciated
      I doubt if TOI would publish it – not only have they made their anti OROP stand very clear but are also guilty of spreading misinformation.

  2. Samuel Dhar

    I am a a hardened veteran but bu jove, I cried reading this emotional piece addressed to us by one of our own our daughter. The deep understanding of our pain could only be felt by a daughter.

    My hats off for you our daughter. you have written a master piece. It could have come only from a master class, that you obviously are.

    My hats off for your parents who have imbibed the value that has made it possible for you to write such classic, unlike that man who has writeen acritique of the OROP, while disowning his own parentage. Shame on him and three cheers for you the parents and your wonderful daughter.

    God bless you all,

  3. Col. R.R. Chandra

    Very well written. My Congrats to you on behalf of all Veterans, including your dear Father.
    Blessings. Uncle.

  4. Mani Mamik

    Well said. The first target is the NFFU which is an largesse self granted , not earned and degenerates efficiency ( or whatever is left of it).
    Have to study all their rules. E.g do pilots in BSF get paid on an hourly basis instead of a monthly flying bounty. Why are allowances in the NE different for Civil and military?. Why foreign treatment abroad is not related to the severity of disease and if no such facility exists within a country – it should be available for all from Jawan to cabinet secretary with no bar except nature of illness and its prognosis if treated abroad provided no such facility is domestically available at that stage of the disease.
    Need to research the bureaucrat through RTIs and persuasive of rules and activities in respect duties carried out and results obtained.
    Well begun is half done and need to take it further.

  5. R G Nair

    It is the intangibles more important than tangibles.Call Armed forces pension as military pension and they must have their due share of views.Military pension should not be compared with anyone else.

  6. Robert

    Wow, man, what an analysis, and wow for the identification of the course of action. But, I would go one step further. We have often heard, if cant win them join them. Why not join politics, and then beat them at their game.

    1. NBD Post author

      Thank you !
      Yes some should definitely join politics.
      However I think one can be effective outside the system too. To be considered a valued vote bank who is sought after is also very important ….rather than join politics where big money rules & compromises have to be made on a daily basis?

    2. mahinder sobti

      The right to OROP has already become a political platform. Politics is not a profession so long it subscribes to an ideology. The point is let us prove that armed forces produce leaders not administrators, who manipulate to stay in power. Let us not confuse politics with a certain profession. It is an urge to capture power in a democratic way to reach the poorest of the poor.

  7. Lt Gen R K Gaur, PVSM

    Bold, clear, candid, forthright, courageous. I hope it inspires more young people to express themselves as powerfully for a worthy cause.
    I admire and salute the writer. Keep marching with your head held high.

  8. Ashok Chhibbar

    It is as good a write up as one could expect. Truly, it is the Bureaucrat who is the villain of the piece. NaMo, Jaitley and others are mere pawns in their hands. Their refrain has been “For PMs, FMs, RMs and may come and go, We go on forever!” The bureaucrat, knowingly or unwittingly, is out to destroy the very fabric, read Armed Forces, that holds this country together. Sad that for a “Few Dollars More” the babu is ready to not only sell his soul but also the country!

  9. Col VKS Bedekar (Retd)

    Dear Madam / Sir,
    1. A well written and balanced article. I strongly feel that Prestige & Honour of Soldiering must be restored. In olden times, we always believed that ‘ Mai-Bap- Sarkar’ would automatically look after our welfare & well being. We cast a cursory look at our ‘pay Slips’ , just to know what is in the kitty. Trust in the Govt. was implicit. We paid more attention to our profession, because no one ever thought that the ‘Mai-Bap-Sarkar’ would ever let us down.
    2. That trust has been betrayed. How can a soldier concentrate on soldiering when there is a trust deficit ? Now that the Babu’s mis-deeds have come to light , the Soldier is unsure as to who will take care of his family. In action, if he achieves martyrdom, its a hobson’s choice. But if he gets disabled in action, ‘ ‘Mai-Bap-Sarkar’ will contest his disability pension claim in Supreme Court. What has happened to our Govt. And whose Country are we talking About !

  10. Pritam Singh

    Very nice article. The clear thought she has are appriciable . The enemy is within and the loot , the commission that they take to buy any equipment or even the necessary clothing which takes many years if not decades to procure would be sufficient to carry on paying OROP for ever. Mr PM should plug that loot then he would’t have to take money from poor to pay that OROP.

  11. Manohar sharma

    Dear Nandini
    Let me just say that only a daughter can be so true to the feelings of her dad and you have lived up to that level brilliantly
    God Bless you
    One of the uncles

  12. Col.Dipesh Lahiri

    Very well written article. We lost our chance 68 years ago when we accepted that since we had limited experience, the babus could continue with the secretarial functions in MOD. If an IPS officer can function as as a joint secretary in MOH, why not a service officer in MOD? Many of the EC officers who joined IAS or IPS have reached the top rung. Chief Secretary of a state has been held by an ex EC officer. It is time service officers are inducted in MOD.


    Clear and concise.Our feelings put in detail.Babu have taken the NETAS for a ride.Even Rajiv Gandhi accepted that 84 paises of a rupee are looted enroute to development and welfare.Imagine the country’condition had there been no loot.

  14. LT Col Kapil Dutt

    A great article .Trust no one but your own self and your own organisation where we have eaten the salt and trodden the rough path of a soldiers life.Just remember the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Bravo

  15. Harry Ahluwalia

    An excellent piece of writing. Ever since Independence the politician has been led by the nose by the babus of Babudom, which is Delhi. Politicians roar like lions at election meetings, but once the babu has them in his hands, the politician is easily de-clawed, chest size notwithstanding. You have identified the villain of the piece and ‘Mark your Man’ needs to be the way to go. Thank you.

  16. Col Ajit Minocha

    Like father like daughter. So true but how does one get Modi and Co to read such home truths ?He seems to be aware of the non performing Babus as is evident from the recent sackings but then he will soon realise who butters his bread
    Good show just carry on in support of the octogenarian. Minnie

  17. Mani S.Iyer

    Ma’m Highly inspiring words. Want to just make one suggestion – in stead of Mark the man – Now the time has come to TACKLE the man. Thank you,

    Mani S. Iyer
    Wing Commander (Retd)

  18. Brig. BS Gill, Vir Chakra Prakram Padak (1971 BD Liberation War)

    “Mark your Man” … is the msg for OROP. BABU has already been identified (Mark the Man) as the villain .. with so many debacles/ diff ministries n deptts, has any babua been shown the door!! Their aim being DENY .. DELAY .. DILUTE …. and if nothing else, CONFUSE. Look at the story:
    * NFFU to them and now to CAPF/ CPF but NOT to Defence offrs
    * Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) for all docs of CGHS and MOs of Police/ PMF/ CAPF but NOT to docs of Armed Forces Med Service (AFMS)
    * Def pension bill 2015-16 : per capita per year Rs. 5.68 lac to 4 lac def civs and Rs. 1.32 lac to 26 lac Veterans & 06 lac widows/ war widows
    * 4 CPC : Babus creation, unresolved Rank Pay case of 4 CPC
    * 6 CPC – out of 39 anomalies, only 12 resolved so far and 7 CPC is around the corner
    * Deptt of Ex-servicemen Welfare (DESW) : Not a single Veteran is represented in the Org … every case sanctioned by AFTs/ Courts is contested by this welfare oriented deptt
    * 13% job res for certain gps of ESM .. actually it is only 2-3% and the rest are merged with Gen pool under the guise ‘suitable ESM not available’
    * Health Schemes : per capita per year expndr ECHS is Rs. 1,038/- and CGHS is Rs. 3,410/- …. where does the disparity lie !!
    * Lastly, revision of pensions .. pay commissions .. precedence n protocol .. 1973 Re-visited : till then Veterans were paid higher % of low pension and civs were paid lower % of high pension – it almost equated the two though babua continued to get addl benefits of atleast 2-3 CPC and higher pay n resultant higher pensions at 58/ 60 yrs.

    Unknown masked face … shame them and make them accountable. “Mark the Man” is well conceived ..

  19. Joseph Thomas

    Mrs Devika Raghuvanshi of MoD (Finance) and Anurag Jain, JS in PMO are two names that are being circulated in Facebook. They are alleged to have introduced the VRS / PMR clause.

    1. murli dhar pathak

      Very well written indeed,only an out of the box thinking can make us conceive the way she has done,great, our sincere gratidude.
      While we are in the process of identifying the brains behind,lets not forget Jaitly who has been blocking it from day one,just because he feels the faujies let him down and because of this defeat he could not become prime minister.

    2. Vir Vinod Raheja

      She has hit the nail on the head
      It is these babu’s sitting in North n South block
      who are responsible for this fiasco.They have got around the corrupt politicians n managed huge gains revisions in their salaries/perks n left the armed forces ,who are the forefront not only at our borders but also whenever there is a civil emergency too ,high n dry n treating them as inferiors
      Though me a civilian I fully support this right cause . I hope our respected pm will get rid of these babu’s n see the light in this issue n take a decision on this issue which will go a long way in boosting the moral of all serving n retired armed personnel

  20. Rakesh Sharma

    Dear Nandini,

    You have very accurately deducted that the Babu is the villain of the piece. Annie Besant had exhorted that the power of franchise must be given only to the educated. Her advice was ignored. Along came the politician riding the ‘patriotic’ wave; that generation passed on or, was made irrelevant as time wore on because the politics of our country, itself morphed into ‘country first’ from ‘me first’. Money power came into play and, as often happens, the players jettisoned their values as the ‘game’ gathered momentum. Ends justified the means.

    Enter the Babu, the know-all consultant. He was familiar with the treasure trove of defunct Laws and Acts left behind by Brits. He knew how not to sanction something, just as he knew that a price could be put on sanctioning something. Thus we have the beginning of a flourishing business partnership between the politician, the bureaucrat and the ‘fixers’. Like all businesses, there were mergers and acquisitions along the way. Law enforcers and to a lesser degree, Law interpreters needed to be co-opted. They became the ‘fixers’. The wheels of the Evil empire were greased in this manner and they have been rolling frictionless ever since.

    Ever seen a serving bureaucrat called up to answer uncomfortable questions posed by media persons? Ever seen a bureaucrat treated like a Field Marshal of our Army or an ex-Chief of our Air Force? You nailed it with your line,” So help remove a leech from the system. A termite that’s hollowing the core.” This should be our motivation; our clarion call to action. Thank you for sounding it.

    Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma

  21. Rakesh Sharma

    Reference the comment just posted by me….kindly make the following correction:

    For “……was made irrelevant as time wore on because the politics of our country, itself morphed into ‘country first’ from ‘me first’.

    Read “…..was made irrelevant as time wore on because the politics of our country, itself morphed from ‘country first’ to ‘me first’.

    Thank you

    Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma

  22. Capt. r Sehgal

    Many of us joined corporate world after we reattired , and we dealt with the Babus. Dewali is round the corner n that s when these babus n the Seniors who are silent get gifts way beyond the value that they r authorised to, there was this name of a lady babu in finance ministry, I can bet she has skeletons. Mark yr man/woman!!!!!!!!

  23. Wg Cdr VM Mayadev

    This indeed is a brilliant idea that needs to be put in practice ASAP. Precise military planning and execution would be required as the persons being marked are cunning and would be threatened to their very existence and well being. I am certain that this would not only bring dividends to the ESM but it would be a great awakening in a country where the power of office has turned occupiers to rent seekers. The mess and filth that we live in has been a direct outcome of tolerance of such rent seekers. This needs to be put an end to. Who better than the courageous ones who have safeguarded the nation through three of the four wars and innumerable skirmishes. Hats off to the brilliant lady.

      1. Wg Cdr VM Mayadev

        Dear Madam,

        I would like to post a write up of mine that has been well received. Unfortunately none of the mainstream media shall consider printing it under the circumstances.

        How do I go about it?

        Thanks and regards.

        vijay mayadev

        1. NBD Post author

          That’s always a problem Sir ! The main stream media only accepts what suits their narrative & agenda. It just might reach further on Social Media so put it on Twitter & FB.

  24. Dr GS

    Excellent analysis. Words are simply inadequate to commend this article. One thing is CERTAIN : This BABU class is akin to FOX, adept at striking from behind. But once Lion or Tiger confronts it head on, the first thing Fox does is to run for dear life !

  25. Anjali

    I congratulate you on your vision beyond the apparent. I, agree with your strategy and would like to share mine with you.
    A daughter of a Gunner-Golfer (active-retired :)), his words ring clear to this day. His belief in ‘his’ country ran beyond patriotism. Disillusioned many times, he still believed they would never let the soldier down. I found a file full of OROP correspondence with his ‘after I am no-more’ files. The letters of appeals and petitions dated decades ago, fell on deaf ears. The last two months of public agitation have finally aired the rot within.
    Why then our OROP Stalwarts/Generals have not realized for 40 years that their enemy is within the country they protect, not at the borders.
    Yes, it is hard to fight on all fronts. But they are trained strategists. Why do they tie their own hands and gag themselves and pride themselves as being ‘a-political’ and sacrifice their lives for wars and internal strife created by politicians.
    They have fought with the sword …now pick up the mightier pen!
    This concept of EX -Servicemen or Retirement needs to be abolished. Any Member of the privileged Defense Forces should never retire, only his job description changes – an Active Defense Serviceman moves into Veteran Defense Servicemen. Find employment in support services.
    The running of DEFENCE ministry MUST be handed over to Defense Forces. Each State, City, Village MUST have a Department Defense Affairs to manage ESM affairs, now to be called Veteran Servicemen.

    Every Government of the country is required to dedicate a percentage of the country’s taxes dedicated to the maintenance of the of Defense Forces which includes VSM. Veterans are the responsibility of the Defense Forces NOT the civilians. Take charge and take care of your own.

    1. NBD Post author

      Many thanks Anjali.
      You couldn’t have said it better: Take charge & take care of your own….
      & may I add…..
      because no one can do it better !

  26. Cdr.M.S.Phogat

    A great write up ,you have rightly identified the root of the evil in our system. I request all veterans sp.seniors to plan the implementationlike you do the military ops. Congrats Nandini we all are proud of you for your courage .

  27. DK Cooper

    I’ve said this before and I say it again – please write more often. It’s a treat to read well thought out pieces that get to the heart of the matter – no ‘ifs’ no ‘buts’. This one went viral in a matter of hours. Tells you exactly what it is worth – its weight in gold.

    It’s interesting to observe and you perhaps noticed it on twitter too, all that “respect our veterans” and the rest that went on with it, simply turned overnight to name calling. As you have brought out eloquently – finally it comes down to just ‘us’.

    In one word – inspired!

    Wg Cdr Dara Cooper (Retd)

  28. Lt Col Karan Singh (Retd)

    Dear Nandini,
    Nicely thought of and very well written article pin pointing the route cause to the current problem as well as in the system. The so called babus have been playing this game since Independence ie look after their own interest and attain supermacy without caring for others. The Politicians also keep the Babus on the right side because they know that this class will stay and politicians may come & go. You have very truly written that we have to rise and mark them at different levels. I must say that the Veteran fraternity is proud of you to have come out for our support and look forward for your continued support in the future as well. Thank you so much.
    Best wishes & regards.
    Lt Col Karan Singh (Retd)

  29. Ashok Shah

    The babu is India’s most insensitive creature. Coupled with the politician we have a hydra headed monster. You are right mark them and bring them down.

  30. CDR j p gupta (retd)

    Superb treatise. Well said Nandini. A daughter appreciates, best, the pain her soldiering parent undergoes, when he/is sligjted by the protectors (the govt & in turn the administration). Shame on chetan bhagat for his mysogenic views on matters of defence and defence personnel.wish he was born as a girl and has had a balanced view of life

  31. Col A T Gajraj

    A great write up in detail elucidating all aspects ,These Babus have done enough damage to us. you have rightly identified the failure in the system, PM Modi is clueless on OROP,he does not like to face the Veterans I request all veterans to plan the implementation,relentlessly till we achieve our goal ie correct OROP . Congrats Nandini we all are proud of you for your courage .

    Reply ↓

  32. Col Mani K Gahatraj

    Dear Nandini,
    Bravo to the power infinity for your article par excellence. The best article on the subject with to the point, lucid and hard hitting logic about the termite of the government, the BABU. The exposure could not have been better and your language is just perfect. “Mark your man” is the term to be used now on and these hidden termites should be sprayed out of their cosy hideouts and exposed to the world.
    For a start the most important place is the MOD from where they rule us, snug in their cosy hideouts and impenetrable. They have to be replaced by our own serving people as they have no moral right and qualification to call the shots about the lives of officers, JCOs, NCOs and soldiers who fight battles to save the motherland. The Armed Forces have to be the masters of our own lives in terms of armament, emoluments and of course the vital National Security.
    Thank you for such a fantastic article and I look forward to bread more of such writings from you.
    God bless you dear DAUGHTER of the Armed Forces.
    Mani Gahatraj

  33. Harendra kumar

    I agree on the negative approach of the bureaucrats towards any rational and progressive public policy decisions. The implementation of OROP may be one of the many Parliamentary and the S C decisions that have languished for years, thereby adversely affecting the morale of our Armed Forces since 1973. Many among us may well be Lalu Yadav baiters for his projected ‘bafoonery’ & maveric politics to seek popularity but not many know that when he trooped to political power in the turbid politics of Bihar in 1990, the first action he took on becoming the CM was to tame the weird bureaucrats in Bihar that had long mislead and enticed the public representatives to loot the state exchequor.

  34. Pavittar Singh

    The article has been well written while it represents the thought process of many who have been dealing with Babus all this while. But I would like to highlight here the actual Babus. The Babus exist with in us clandestinely. In each unit, ship or squadron ; you have these officers who are a hindrance to the smooth operation of simplest of the things. I am talking about the armed forces Officers who just sit behind the desk. They are mostly below average guys who are nurtured well by another breed, your Generals Admirals and Air Marshals. Because our own superiors have been hand picked to ruin the system. But the fault lies in us. We hardly question them. Why can’t we kick them at right time. Every day we come across these guys: our course mates, our squadron types, our state types, our region types, school types, lingo types… But don’t forget that we laugh it off every time they are acting funny and we contribute to their growth. Why can’t we stand before them and question them each time. What are we add afraid of. Our people could stand against Britishers, what are these fearful kaalu Indians. Thankfully the Babus and politicians have maintained our democracy else our Generals will make us a banana Republic any day. Ponder on hard bitter truth. Who is to be blamed for our situation today.

  35. Vikram Sood

    How should I say – Scathingly brilliant or brilliantly scathing ? Both are appropriate I have decided! It is such a pity that the issue has lingered for forty years We cannot keep saying how we value our valiant soldiers, men and their families and yet be indecisive or evasive when it comes to issues that concern them. It is sadly ironic that while we celebrate and commemorate the 1965 victories at India Gate, the Veterans continue their protest at Jantar Mantar, a few kilometres away. It is a physical and a mental gap that has to be bridged, quickly. Sacrifices made have to remembered and honoured all the time not just during a war nor through slogans and rhetoric.

    1. NBD Post author

      Yes it is pity the patient soldier has been taken for granted. A time now to right the wrong.
      Many thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  36. Lt Col GK Subramanian

    Kudos to Nandini for her innovative idea “Mark your Man”. It is indeed a radial approach which will be an immense contribution by the veterans for the nation by weeding out the leeches sucking the blood of the hapless poor. It will be a noble role even higher than the justified demand for OROP and getting back the status and dignity of the defence services which have been tarnished by the nexus of unscrupulous beaurocrats and politicians.

    We need to first identify and target the black sheep from our own fraternity who have got into the politics for their own selfish needs and are undermining the just demand for OROP and the dignified status of the services.

    Here I would say that a group of 20 to 30 persons will need to target each one identified as self serving and detrimental to the good health of the nation. Watch his/her every activity 24/7 in turns without being noticed which can very well be done by the veterans and well meaning citizens who can also be coopted for this noble cause. Gather enough intelligence to strike at the right time by using the Anti Corruption Bereau or other means.

    Civilians are under the impression that it is the military services which are getting high pay, pension and perks. Awareness should be created in public by publications of leaflets and distributing with news papers (since the media have been blocked for the veterans) and through Face Book giving details of pay, perks, promotions, promotion policy, pensions and facilities enjoyed by the civilians paid from defence services estimates as well as those by all other services syphoning out many times larger expenditure to the exchequer.
    NO ABBREVIATIOS LIKE NFFU etc. SHOULD BE USED AS THE COMMON MAN CANNOT UNDERSTAND THESE. The full form and in bracket the abbreviation needs to be used.
    The parliamentary canteen rates must be circulated time and again to prove that the poor is paying for the rich poor of the country.
    The points brought out by Brig B S GILL Vir Chakra Parakram PadaK and additional info which can be got through RTI or other authentic sources need to be circulated to the public.
    Nandini’s article has given the fodder for thought that the VETERANS can play even a greater role for the uplifting of the nation and protecting her from the enemies within by adopting many out of the box methods which need to be conceived.

  37. vijay nair

    A passionate article much needed to correct the muck in our politlcal and bureaucratic mindset-Its only a mature and visionary leadership that can give nation building moves-That our forces have been whipping boys, simply because of their discipline and ‘no questions asked’ way of duty-
    Your write was truly an eye opener-
    Sincere Regards
    vijay nair

  38. Col Abhay Rishi

    This is THE perfect reply to the dilly dallying netas, babus,apathetic countrymen and persons like Chetan Bhagat! ..Since TOI cannot be expected to publish such a crushing rebuttal, wonder if it can be published as an advertisement!
    It naive to expect netas and babus to anticipate far reaching ramifications of the gross mishandling of the #OROP issue…
    Our respected veterans of 1950s & 60s clearly failed to see thru the game plan of the netas. Otherwise they would formed a pol party and contested elections so as to look after interest of serving & retd faujis..
    God bless!

  39. NS Manjunath

    To all the Veterans here…

    Let’s give some credit to Modi who has done this #OROP ordinance.; by all means attack the babus. I am a civilian and I get a feeling that all of you guys here have not a single word of praise for the PM Modi who has “bitten the bullet” on #OROP issue. Sure what you ask is fair but it may not be simple as the problem is more than 40 years old; so get organized like Nandini says and question with facts how the Babus have enriched themselves by going on cozy foreign postings innumerable benefits and so on.

    Here is roadmap:
    1. Article every week on Babu vs Services benefits
    2. Why does Civil Services hold such a sway over ministers (remember the SNAFU on IT Returns & even Jaitley was unaware of details as he was on business in US (junket?) ?
    3. Some types like Gen Satbir Singh who is looking at the glass as half-empty always & rumored to be associated with AAP and so on.

    So bottomline: fight fair and get your dues

    My heart is with Services

    1. Daljeet

      Mr. NS Manjunath I am with you. I also praise our PM at least he had the courage to declare OROP.
      Our veterans have thanked the Prime Minister on the very first day on 5th Sep. Other related issues are with the Govt and we hope for positive response in very near future. You are requested and everyone to write weekly & regular basis about these BABUS.
      Congrats to Nandini.

  40. Brig Sukhdev

    A laudable idea. Who will bell the cat. The Babu controls the police & arresting a veteran on a Babus order is easy.
    Unless the veterans organise themselves in targeted locations,nothing will move.
    On the other hand if committees of 10 to 15 veterans are formed at target locations and come to the assistance of the arrested veteran, only then will we be able to make an impact.
    The first job therefore is identify target,form a committee of at least 5 to 10 veterans,carry out the task & if threatened by the Babus powers,act collectively
    to protect each other. Targeting Babus will require a very high level of coordination & planning which is presently not available with the Veterans. As on date, the various ESM Organisations are not on the same page.
    Maj Gen Satbir has taken on the task at Jantar Mantar.
    Who will lead this campaign,who will get info Via RTI, WHO WILL IDENTIFY THE TARGETS & Who will earmark the assault teams to nab the Targeted Babu.
    As stated earlier, a laudable idea but difficult to execute cause self preservation is a major component of Indian Genes & it is doubtful if anyone will publicly declare their intent & take on the Babus openly.

    1. NBD Post author

      The suggestion is not to be a vigilante group but to be an active pressure group. The idea being to follow up and put pressure on cases that are already in courts but might be buried because of lack of public interest limited attention span & above all political patronage.
      Neerja Yadav of UP
      The Joshi couple of MP
      The Karnataka LokYukta’s son are few that can followed up and kept alive through the Social Media & other means. So that our Judiciary Political Class & the Babu himself is made aware that this time its not going to be so easy to loot & scoot.

  41. Brig S K Rath (Retd)

    Brilliant piece.
    Worth reading and acting upon by all of armed forces community, serving and veteran as well as their family and friends. Well said, mark your man. However it will be travesty of fact, if the concept of enemy within is limited only to the babus. They also exist very much within us. To substantiate the point, I will cite only three examples from what has been talked about in present context.

    Remember who blocked the idea of NFU to start with. Who said there will be no charm left in being promoted to higher echelon . Our own generals.
    Remember who blocked DACP for Army doctors after it was cleared by AFT. First PPOC and then COSC. These honorable men were not babus.
    Remember who never remembered others when OROP crum was thrown at them along with top babus.
    Our own apex grade.

    Every young officer begins with deep commitment to the writing of Chetwood hall. Some where up the line some transform to bureaucrats and few to politicians in uniform.


    A daughter can write such wonderful words ,who has seen the various phases of armed forces life..brilliant work.my blessing.

  43. Gp Capt Paul Jacob retd

    Dear Nandini,
    It’s so heartening to note that as a ‘services kid’ you feel for us veterans and the serving faujis. May God bless you for that. The thought is so very apt and yes, we’ll start marking our man. Even While interacting with some of these retrd babus their arrogance and total disdain towards the orop cause is very evident. They don’t even bother to reserve their opinion in the presence of veterans. I only wish if you could sort of muster up active support from the other fauji kids. You fauji children could be a major and considerable factor towards the success of this battle through garnering increased public awakening and support. Got bless your attempts.

  44. col GK Sood

    I always thought that people were scared to name the Babus. You have done it and done it with elan and elegance. All ESMs know it. But you have given the road map. We all as servicemen know while in service nothing can be done for you are gagged by law, but nothing is stopping us as ES MS . It is time to plan for fighting 7CPC it should be taken to the court immediately so that if we find equitable treatment is not meted out. We have to fight for serving as well.

  45. Cdr Vijaydeep verma

    Hi Nandini,
    Awesome write up. Thanks. Agree with many who have conveyed the thought that was coming to me when I was reading your rousing article. Only a daughter could have understood the pain. I have a little one too . Your parents are so lucky to have you and so are we. Thanks !

  46. nrne

    I think we have to think long term. We should encourage more of our children to join IAS and ultimately have a lobby right there. We may have to restructure the curriculum in Army schools to encourage them to prepare for the same. At present most of the bright children are going for corporate world. As such we have large pool of intelligent children including thos of officers, JCOs and our jawans.

  47. Vikram Karve

    This is the best piece I have read on the OROP issue – succinct and hard-hitting.
    Very apt suggestions – high time veterans use their training and re-strategize to win the OROP battle and future wars against Babudom.

  48. Rajeeva Pandey

    Wow Nandini! Amazing! Not only you have identified the CoG of enemy, you are also courteous to convey your feelings to almost every person who had commented. My daughter is inspired by her sister…. Be a guiding light dear daughter…. God Bless!!! Rajeeva.

  49. HS Uppal

    It is high time that d inefficint arrogant slimy selfish unaccounyable n crafy beuracracy is removed lock stock n barrel n replaced by technocrats .
    Why not start by demandiing removal of beurocrats from d MOD ? n make it a movement like d OROP ??

  50. Col MS Mann

    Dear Nandini,
    I am overwhelmed to read your courageous article. It is very apt in the present scenario. Yes, we have to anticipate, mark the man, and tackle. And we ‘re capable of that.
    May God bless you !

  51. Thomas Manimala

    Great Mam

    We thank you.. When Fauji pull the trigger Babu does right clik and left click from his cozy ac office with coffee.

    Thomas Manimala

  52. Uday


    End of the day a big question still remain unanswered……Would it reach to those babus who are eating away all our efforts?If so when? Since Independence we, the veterans are suffering from same betrayal,parity……generation wise….When and how it is going to end?? No answer yet……. So we will keep on digesting this enemy attitudes towards us..b’coz Mera Bharat Mahan……..

  53. Col Avtar Nijher

    A lot of things have been said and written from time to time and v all understand the real culprits in this game which is not only OROP but the entire handling of the matters military by these babus But who will bell the cat ?
    It needs a great sacrifice at the top level .No serving senior has offered his comments on this write up .Where r they ?It affects the army not only veterans .


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